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Frequently Asked Questions


1Is OptimusInc.com a registered company?

Yes, OptimusInc.com is registered in the Panama as "Funds & Resource Management Investments or FRM Investments" .

2 How does OptimusInc.com earn profits for it's investors?

OptimusInc.com is involved in real estate, forex trading, oil & gas trading, commodities trading, ETfs investments and cryptocurrency trading which allows the company to diversify all investors portfolio.

3How long does it take for my deposit to be added?

Your deposit will be reflected after confirmation of your request provided there is no active investment or there is sufficient account balance.

4 How long does it take for my withdrawal to be sent?

Your withdrawal is sent immediately it is requested but confirmation might take up to 24 hours in some cases.

5 Can I withdraw my principal deposit?

Yes, your principal deposit can be withdrawn provided it's not active in an investment plan.

6 What is the minimum and maximum amount for deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $100 , the maximum you can deposit at one time is $10,000,000 Per each deposit , Surely you can make deposit higher than $10,000,000 by several deposits.

7 Who can become an investor in your company?

Anybody, anywhere can become an investor and begin their path to financial freedom.